Customizable Tool Belt

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Gail loves to plant an English Garden!

And now she has a customizable Tool Belt to help her in the garden!

Customizable Tool Belt Lets You Carry as Much (or as Little) as You Need!

Someone is going to win it!

I am delighted to be part of the Gardener’s Supply Company’s product review program. Recently they sent me this FABULOUS tool belt to review for our honest feedback. Well, if you can’t tell already, it was love at first sight! This high quality tool best is exactly what me and my team of gardeners needed! And, I am excited to host this giveaway because one lucky reader is going to WIN their very own must have tool belt!

gardeners tool belt

This belt holds everything you need! NOW we are ready to work!


Are you ready to win?

To enter today’s giveaway, leave a comment below – tell me your favorite thing to plant! One entry per person, please.

Comments will close by 9:00 a.m. EST on Friday, May 25th.

✿The winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator and announced in this post shortly thereafter.

Here’s some highlights:


  • Pruners, notepad, seed packets and more are literally at your side!
  • Pockets slip on and off and snap in place so you can customize and use only the ones you need
  • Frees up your hands to carry seedling flats, plants, etc.

The ingenious design includes four separate pockets; use as many as you need and slide the others off. The pockets snap into place so they stay put — you can slide them to the back, out of the way when you’re crouching or bending. And never again set down your pruners and then forget where you left them — with this tool belt you can safely stow them between uses. Four pockets. One has a hook-and-loop flap closure for phone or keys. One has a netted pocket for your water bottle. Two have double openings for hand tools and small supplies. The adjustable belt has a durable clip so it’s easy on, easy off. Fits waists up to 49″.


  • Nylon belt, laminated cotton canvas, cotton twill tape, polyester mesh, plastic clip
  • 4 pockets, each 11-1/4″ L X 5-3/4″ W
  • Fits waists up to 49″
  • Weighs 12 oz.
  • Machine wash in cool water, delicate cycle
  • Imported
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive

FYI: Gardener’s Supply Company is on Facebook, Twitter: @gardenerssupply and Instagram: gardeners.

Friends, I am so excited for you all. Please tell your friends, share the love and joy because someone is going to be a winner…good luck!

325 thoughts on “Customizable Tool Belt

  • By Jo Estes - Reply


    • By Cheryl - Reply

      Love rhubarb!

  • By Ruby Lund - Reply

    Tomatoes are my favourite thing to plant.🍅

  • By Peggy L. Durst - Reply

    irises, irises, and more irises!!

  • By Peggy L. Durst - Reply


  • By Shirley White - Reply

    I like to plant ANY kind of seed because I love to see them sprout & mature.

  • By Carol A Flick - Reply


  • By Natalie McPherson - Reply

    For annual plantings, zinnias are a favorite. For perennials, I love collecting all the colors of clematis.

  • By Patty Snipes - Reply

    Dill is my favirite thing to plant. The butterflies love it as much as we do.💚

  • By Debby Ramundo - Reply

    Cleome because my mother used to plant them every year and they last until the frost.

  • By Dana Roberts - Reply

    I love to plant tomatoes 🍅

  • By Kathy Burks - Reply

    I really just love planting anything! From seeds to trees. And everything in between! 🌹🎋🍄🌺🌻🌸

  • By Bonnie McCauley - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant, all wild flowers!!!

  • By Pamela Eberle - Reply

    Rutgers Tomato

  • By Veronica - Reply

    I like to plant basil and marigolds🌸🌺🌼

  • By Karen Newbern - Reply

    I love to plant native species – prairie, woodland, whatever!

  • By Linda Meehan - Reply

    I love to plant lanvender & harvest….this year I lost 3 lavender plants to the crazy weather we had over the fall – sprng… 🙁 so I’ll be planting more.

  • By Kimberly Swertfeger - Reply

    Lilies 🤗

  • By Deb Biltz - Reply

    My favorite flower to plant are Marigolds. I plant them each year on my husbands “bed” which I am lucky to have close to our home so we both enjoy them! He passed away 4 years ago and they were his favorite flower.

    • By Jan Bills - Reply

      So sorry for your loss, Deb.

  • By Martha Cash - Reply

    I love to plant snapdragons.

  • By Julie - Reply

    I love tomatoes.

  • By Barbara Wright - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant, seeds! My second favorite thing to plant, confidence in a beginning gardener, wonder in a child chasing butterflies, curiosity about nature in nearly anyone. I own a small wholesale/retail greenhouse/nursery operation that caters to the connections between plants, pollinators, and people!

  • By Charlie Hindes - Reply


  • By LaRita - Reply

    I love to plant Mexican Sunflowers🌻

  • By Lynda Lien - Reply


  • By KE Tarquinio - Reply

    Herbs, lots of herbs! And then everything else.

  • By Tetesa Watkins - Reply

    Drift roses right now! No pest problems, no need to deadbeats, and color year round! Great plant even if you have a black thumb.

  • By Teresa Watkins - Reply

    Drift roses! No pest problems, no deadheading, and blooms year round. Great for the beginning gardener or gardeners with black thumbs!

  • By Andrea Flake - Reply

    Love to plant day lilies, irises, tulips and hostas!

  • By Jane - Reply

    Perennials…all kinds!

  • By carlene adkins - Reply

    we plowed up our back yard for vegetables and potatoes along the side fence and on the other 2 sides of the yard are flowers weve planted lots of flowers now lets see what grows. weve already had our 1 st bunch of green onions to eat !!!!

  • By Darlene Granberg - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is tomatoes….and anything else my family can eat!

  • By Caroline Cox - Reply

    Iris and morning glories!🌸

  • By Andrea Harris - Reply

    Planting my annual blooms amongst my perennials is my favorite! 🌸🌺 With SOOO Many lovely pots and containers to fill and a couple in ground gardens, I’ve got lots to choose from! 🌼🌹🌻🌷

  • By Sandy Guthrie - Reply

    I love to plant Flowers! All kinds especially hibiscus!!

  • By Amanda ofom - Reply


  • By Becky Range - Reply

    Perennial flowers

  • By Paul M Durbin - Reply

    Tropical Begonias

  • By Irene Harper - Reply

    I love to plant Impatiens and Moss Rose. I always carry my pruners and a pair of pliers. This belt would be so handy.

  • By Judy Chamberlain - Reply

    I love to plant Hosta and watch them “unfurl” every spring.

  • By Cherie - Reply

    Awesome apron!
    I love later spring, where we can get the garden & all the beautiful annual flowers planted, while watching the perennials come back to life. Enjoying the colors and smells that bring the yard back to life; while waiting for a taste of fresh garden produce during our short growing season.

  • By Susan McDonald - Reply

    I plant everything from grapes to strawberries— so I need everything from clippers– a trowel– weed remover– to scissors– to twine– and gloves!!!!-I need your Belt!!!!!🌿🌾🍓🍇🍑

  • By Cindy Hoganson - Reply

    I love to plant peonies!

  • By Emma Valentin - Reply

    I love to plant seeds and cuttings, most specially if from friends collections and are hard to find! Best feeling when the cuttings grow and produce flowers or fruits!! ❤️

  • By Linda Crandall - Reply

    Veggies any kind. Nothing like going out to the garden and picking a fresh salad.

  • By Liz Deeds - Reply

    Love, love gerbera daisies!!! Where can I order this belt?

  • By Linda Szpenda - Reply

    Vegetables – with the promise of a bountiful harvest

  • By Beverly Haskins Kennedy - Reply

    I really love to plant lily of the valley so they can spread and grow and I can smell their wonderful fragrance.

  • By Martha Crowder - Reply


  • By Kaye Breckenridge - Reply

    Milkweed…love the monarchs!

  • By Catese Chaffee - Reply

    Spring, my fav time of year for planting Brugmansias!

  • By Teresa Nilson - Reply

    I love to plant vegetables, fruit and herbs and with can goods and such put them in a blessing box out by the road. What better way then to pay it forward.

  • By Sharon Gentry - Reply

    I love planting lilies!

  • By Coleen Silvia - Reply

    I love pansies! All their sweet faces!

  • By gana honn - Reply

    Like to try different things, annuals and perinnels

  • By Jennifer Gaver - Reply

    My lilies and hydrangea ….. just love all my flower ! Love of them comes from my late father ❤️ He loved his garden and flowers !

  • By Christine Thompson - Reply

    New fav…heuchera. Love petunias too.

  • By Laurie Crew - Reply

    State Fair Zinnia

  • By Madge Cooper - Reply

    I like to plant Bleeding Hearts, give some to my family too.😊🇨🇦

  • By Jeananne Bishop - Reply

    I love planting roses.

  • By carol borowski - Reply

    I planted Michaela’s four o’clocks from seeds and they all came up – just excited see how they grow and watch them flower she was Dr. William Petit’s daughter and this was her favorite flower – so proud to grow them in her honor! I also transplanted my son’s honeysuckle and have moved it twice since he passed 2 1/2 years ago – angels and Irish tributes surround this as well!still growing and smells so sweet!!!

  • By Susan Carlile - Reply


  • By Jasmine Peach - Reply

    Castor Bean plants

  • By Candi - Reply

    I love to plant shasta daisies and sunflowers!

  • By Margie Gordon - Reply

    I love to plant everything and anything but especially spring bulbs. After a long hard winter, seeing the green emerge and color to follow makes the long wait bearable!

  • By patty - Reply

    Vining Okra, black stems, sunflowers, peonies, Dahlia’s, Gerber daisies, passion plants, castor beans, clematis
    Can’t stop at just one….

  • By Darcey Jewell - Reply

    Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! My husband says I have to many but I say you can never have enough🌷🌻🌹

  • By Deb - Reply

    Gloves, and pruners and plants!!!! Oh My!!!

    • By Shelley VerBurg - Reply

      I plant everything! However, last year was my first time planting purple bean vine and I fell in love. I read where this was also Thomas Jefferson’s favorite plant.

  • By Carol johnson - Reply

    Hibiscus and anything that flowers!

  • By Amy Uyemura - Reply

    Giant sunflowers and of course sweet peas

  • By Jackie Powers - Reply

    Anything! Lily’s of the valley, pansy’s, glads, Jack in the pulpit, roses, hostas bleeding hearts. I love all of it!

  • By Mary Burggraff - Reply

    If it grows, I want to plant it. I love playing in the dirt.

  • By Jenifer Wilde - Reply

    Anything edible is my favorite thing. If I cant eat it or if it doesnt help the pollinators I dont plant it! Self sustaining is what I am all about!

  • By Alma Stelting - Reply

    I love planting large pots using the beautiful newer Coles as a “thriller.

  • By Kathy - Reply

    Spring is finally here! Busy planting flowers and vegetables, watching the birds nesting, listening to people busy at work…mowing, trimming, etc.

  • By BobbyJo Newell - Reply

    I like planting anything! But if I had to have a favorite, my Purple Heart ground cover is a favorite. 💜

  • By Mary - Reply

    Great idea for working in the garden

  • By Pamela Jenewein - Reply

    I love planting trees or shrubs… especially hibiscus, lavender, hydrangea and azaleas.

  • By Susanne Richter - Reply

    Loose leaf lettuces, tomatoes, herbs – all edibles! My idol is gangsta gardener Ron Finley who said: “People need to realize how powerful the transformation of soil can be.”

  • By Kim Smith - Reply

    I love planting coleus, and seeing a new variety everytime❤

  • By Lynnda Padula - Reply

    Every year a add a new perennial and a new addition to the veggie garden. I loved my asparagus garden when I had the larger property. Nothing better than FRESH asparagus.

  • By Charlotte Owendyk - Reply

    Will be writing about this in the rose society newsletter that I edit. Good Job, Gardener’s Supply!!!!

  • By Jude - Reply


  • By Karen Vasquez - Reply

    I love planting milkweed. I get more and more caterpillars and butterflies.

  • By Jackie u - Reply

    I love planting everything and anything.Love trying new plants and varieties!If you can grow it and eat it I’ll plant it!!!

  • By Theresa Johnson - Reply

    Blue salvia!

  • By Sandy - Reply

    Green beans

  • By Audrey Crowe - Reply

    I enjoy plants that attract pollinators! Happy Spring!!

  • By Kara copher - Reply

    I love to plant flowers that are different from everyone else in town. Real eye catchers. Big bright beautiful colors.

  • By Freida Newman - Reply

    Love all flowers. Just love to watch them bloom!

  • By elizabeth - Reply

    I love to plant perennials!

  • By Janet Frierson - Reply


  • By Sara Dorsey - Reply

    Anything, succulents are my passion at the moment

  • By Cynthia Wood - Reply

    Love everything. Old Favorites and new adventures. Gardening is my place of peace and revitalization and sanity.

  • By Ginny - Reply

    Heirloom flowers that my grandmother and great grandmother had in their garden.

  • By Carol L. Reed - Reply

    This idea is fantastic. But I can’t decide what is my favorite to plant. Does “EVERYTHING” count?

    • By Jan Bills - Reply

      Yes it does, Carol!

  • By Wendy Easter - Reply

    Calendula. It’s my Moms birth flower. Love to see it come up.

  • By Janice Kliethermes - Reply

    I love to plant impatiens! I love that they thrive in the deep shade in our yard (the result of maples and a pin oak we planted more than 40 years ago.

  • By Melvena Counts - Reply

    I love to plant lavender and fragrant flowers. I live in VA but was born & raised in Hawaii, so you know I need to be surrounded by beautiful & fragrant flowers. I would love to win this gardeners tool belt since my garage where I have my gardening tools seem to be a hike from where all my plants are.

  • By joan johnson - Reply

    anything that grows on poles or trellis, easy on the back and small spaces. cucumbers

  • By Kathy Thomas - Reply

    I love to plant veggies and watch them turn into food to be canned!!

  • By Lynn Johnson - Reply

    I love planting perennial bulbs of all kinds. They are so reliable. Anticipation is half the fun. Too hard to name a favorite, but daffodils and peonies are at the top of my list!

  • By Diana Holmes - Reply

    Sunflowers, Plant them every year. Brings back wonderful memories of my parents. Sunflowers! <3

  • By Amy Compton - Reply


  • By Shannon Bazard - Reply

    I absolutely love to growing my own veggies and to try all different kinda of new flowers every year. It is so fun to try new colors and just experiment.

  • By carolyn - Reply

    I love to plant anything that I think will grow in my region. I look for flowers and shrubs that enhance my home and that will bring me joy to just look at them. I have a slight rise in my yard that we have terraced and I planted perennials that trail down the terraced area. Looking at them day after day as they fill in the area is a blessing to behold.

  • By Terri Ballon - Reply


  • By Monica Konyar - Reply

    Zinnias……I plant them every year, they bloom all summer, and then provide the seeds for next year!

  • By Traci - Reply

    I love to plant daylilies! I have never met one I didn’t like! I love vegetable gardening too.

  • By Rose - Reply

    I love to plant any Native Michigan wildflower to feed the wildlife and help the bees!

  • By Jodie McKinney - Reply

    I like to plant roses.

  • By Shelia Gatlin - Reply

    Daylilies and Hydrangea! Actually, I like to plant all flowers!

  • By DB - Reply

    Hydrangea because they grow so well in my garden.

  • By Dianna Towery - Reply

    Love planting vegetables,herbs and annuals and perennials…. favorite is Gerber Daisy.

  • By Pattie knight - Reply

    Any kind of perennial

  • By Diane Bissonette - Reply

    I love to plant tomatoes! Mostly because I love to eat them. Nothing like a home grown tomatoe.

  • By Sherri - Reply

    Native plants, wildflowers.

  • By Beth Ryan - Reply

    Roses, cleome, any Victorian plants.

  • By Beth Ryan - Reply

    Roses do some any Victorian plant

  • By Sandee Schwieger - Reply

    🍃🌿Wow… such a hard choice. I guess one of my favorites is Nasturshims. They give me such joy in my very full garden. I mostly garden for butterflies & hummingbirds, but these bright little climbers always grab my heart. 💛🌞🍃🌞🍃

  • By Janelle Lowe - Reply


  • By Deb - Reply

    My favorite thirties plant is lilies.

  • By Mindy - Reply

    I love to plant rosemary. There’s something about the scent of rosemary that makes me smile.

  • By Karen - Reply

    Potatoes in container

  • By Jannie Walquist - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant???? Anything that is willing to grow, from Anemones to Zinnias!!!

  • By Faith - Reply

    Vegetable garden-I start my own seeds and then share what I don’t need.

  • By Jackie - Reply

    I love planting Michigan natives. For some reason (maybe evolution), they do well.

  • By brenda Enyeart - Reply

    Giant zinnias

  • By Donis Vail - Reply

    Coneflowers…any color

  • By Jennifer - Reply

    I love ti plant veggies. They feed the body and the soul.

  • By Jackie - Reply

    Hmm where do I start I Love early Springtime with all my daffodils and tulips, then onto my planting’s of My irises then into seeing my clematis in all their glory As the summer starts,,, I have my coneflowers,,,,, I really love so many flowers they all make me happy.


  • By Becky McClellan - Reply

    I love planting petunias. They are such a happy flower!

  • By Terri - Reply

    I am a transplant specialist at Edwards Greenhouse so I love to plant everything…….to watch tiny seedlings grow into sellable garden plants is the best feeling ever.

  • By Emily Cornelison - Reply

    Day Lilies are my favorite especially repeat bloomers. They come back year after year and I can divide and share.

  • By Annie Britten - Reply

    Lettuce – all kinds! Prettiest plants in the Spring😊

  • By Linda Reed - Reply

    I love my flowers. Houseplants. Outside my deck and patio are covered with pots of plants as well as many beds in my 2 acres.

  • By Laurie Hofstetter - Reply

    I love planting things in the dirt
    It’s therapy when sad or I’m hurt
    Watching the show
    As my seeds start to grow
    Is better than eating dessert!

  • By Linda Reed - Reply

    I really need this belt to hold the tools I’m using plus my phone and

  • By Tracy music - Reply

    I love planting pepper plants! Spicy peppers, mild peppers, sweet peppers..they’re easy to grow and produce bounties of beautiful delicious peppers!

  • By Nancy Shiffman - Reply

    Living in SoCal, my favorite to plant are succulents

  • By Suzanne Fisher - Reply

    Gardenia, Azalea, Rose, Hydrangea,milkweed, peppermint and marigolds so far this year. Land and house were let go for several years. Clearing and starting over.

  • By Tina k - Reply

    I plant so many things.. for me it’s a toss up between my herbs.. especially tyme and rosemary… And my veggies.. tomatoes, zucchini, onions, beans, and peppers. The tomatoes, onions, and peppers I guess win because everyone wants my salsa

  • By Deb Brinkhus - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is cabbage! Yes,cabbage! I grow a variety of things. Yet cabbage grows so well in my garden that I can’t help but plant early and late cabbage to share with friends and family.

  • By Liz Ann Ashton - Reply

    Flower seeds every where I can. Zinnia, Sunflowers. Asters, Moon Flowers.

  • By Lori - Reply

    I love planting everything and watching flowers grow. But my favorite are pink begonias. They are beautiful, hardy, and bloom all through spring, summer, and fall.🌸🌸🌸🌸

  • By Deane Lange - Reply

    Love so many – especially Columbine and Hydreangea.
    Love your web page. Beautiful pics and quotes, statements.

  • By Terri Caston - Reply

    Each year different annuals to fill in among the perennials.

  • By Debra Wolverton - Reply

    My vegetable garden, for the bountiful meals it provides us!

  • By MeShell Severino - Reply

    I love to plant anything I can get my hands on, but my favorite is organic herbs. I cook as much as I garden.

  • By Paula - Reply

    I love to plant perennials that bloom

  • By Terri - Reply

    I love planting native perennials like cone flower and baptisia.

  • By elaine macqueen - Reply

    i love to plant anything and everything that grows in dirt!!

  • By Linda McGregor - Reply


  • By Sandra Christian - Reply

    I love to plant tomatoes, squash, peppers — vegetables!!

  • By Yolanda Reed - Reply

    I love planting vegetables❣️❣️

  • By Dee Carlock - Reply

    Love it. Plenty of pockets.
    I love planting trees because the world needs more trees.

  • By Gail Coffin - Reply

    I love planting all types of blooms; however, perennials are my favorite because I know they will come back year after year, providing the garden is tended to. I also try and make sure my flowers are butterfly and bee friendly.

  • By Linda Crawford - Reply

    Tomatoes are my favorite seeds to plant. From a tiny seed to a big plant full of luscious juicy fruits! What’s not to love?

  • By Lori - Reply


  • By Jo Edwards - Reply

    I inherited my late Mom’s love of hybrid tea roses. Lots of work for lots of beauty.

  • By Jodi Weingatt - Reply


  • By Margaret Halter - Reply

    I love to plant Love!!! The love of gardening!!!

  • By Donna Hamilton - Reply

    I love to plant sunflowers and herbs!

  • By Cheryl Alt - Reply

    Morning glories!

  • By Veronica - Reply

    moon flowers

  • By Bob Munroe - Reply

    I am hoping to win for my wife. She REALLY loves the outdoors and gardening, and well I really love her!! 🙂

  • By Brenda Heinold - Reply


  • By Christine Gradel - Reply

    I love to plant perennials especially those with flowers that I can cut for bouquets .

  • By Melissa - Reply

    Our entire garden bed (beans, squash, corn, beets, carrots, herbs, tomatoes, cukes, snap peas, kale and lettuce)! Living in zone 4, the season is short and sweet, but we cherish every day we’re able to pick dinner right out the back door❤️🌱

  • By Eraina Brock - Reply

    I love planting flowers,roses,bulbs, wild flower seeds, and my newest adventure coffee bean trees!

  • By Donna Nation - Reply

    I would love to have this, I am always putting my tools down and wondering where. Also it would be great when I am doctoring horses or pets to have the bandages and meds right with me.

    Tomatoes, Every year tomatoes. Last year was unbelievable. I was till taking fresh tomatoes off the vines in January.

  • By Janet Vecchio - Reply

    Perennials, especially natives

  • By Sheila - Reply

    I love black eyed susans! I want them everywhere! And daisies, happy flowers

  • By Cary - Reply

    Anything to feed my family with

  • By Cindy - Reply

    Lantanas-i love to see the butterflies around this beautiful hardy plant.

  • By Rebecca Reeves - Reply

    Herbs and tomatoes

  • By Judy smith - Reply


  • By Kay - Reply

    It may seem strange but I love planting whatever I can find on the clearance rack. There’s so much joy in giving a plant a new chance to grow 😊😊🌸. My garden has no rhyme or reason to it but it’s full of beautiful flowers.

  • By Toni W. - Reply

    Planting flowers is my relaxation.Learned the love of them from my Mom & Grandmother.💖🌹🌸🌻🥀🌼

  • By Karen Dale - Reply

    I love planting any type of seed and waiting for them to sprout🌱🌱

  • By Shar McCauley - Reply

    I love to plant salvias of all kinds, both annual and perennial, for the pollinators.

  • By Caroline Duguay - Reply

    Tomatoes that I started from seeds in March. They’re going into pots tomorrow. Gotta love a nice toasted fresh tomato sandwich.

  • By Jill Elson - Reply


  • By Kathy - Reply

    Irises 💐💐

  • By Peggy Bradley - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant are cutting flowers and herbs.

  • By Kathleen - Reply

    Morning glories and sunflowers

  • By Sue - Reply

    Pink vinca ~

  • By Brenda Wilson - Reply

    I could really use this for all my gardens

  • By Grace Allen - Reply

    No ONE fave, but I love my chamomile…and the resulting tea!

  • By Carol Jean Tirey - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is hydrangea.

  • By Holly Myles - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is roses!

  • By Donna Cole - Reply

    Roses are my favorite. I love all flowers

  • By April Nichols - Reply

    My family’s favorite they make me place first in my garden is Cherry Tomatoes. My kids love eating them only off the vine all summer long.

  • By Fran - Reply

    Lupines, I love to plant lupine seeds and wait for their colourful beauty to remind me of home.

  • By Shirley Crockett - Reply

    I like to plant herbs.

  • By Caroline Childs - Reply

    I love planting Lavender for the bees and flutter bys

  • By Shirley Crockett - Reply

    I love to plant herbs .

  • By Diane Woodcock - Reply

    Day Lillys

  • By Dottie Ann Feess-Batten - Reply

    I love to plant marigolds and petunias ♡

  • By Lavonia Garrett - Reply

    Lantana…love this plant…perfect for the south where I live.

  • By Kelly Dreyer - Reply

    Roses and trees.

  • By Sue - Reply

    My favourite things are herbs, potatoes, lavender, rosemary, geraniums, daisies of any sort infact I can honestly say anything that grows from seed or cutting…….never ceases to amaze me 💕

  • By Linda Fry - Reply

    Anything that grows in soil sounds good to me

  • By Carol Henry - Reply

    I love to plant a variety of herbs to use in cooking.

  • By Sue parkin - Reply

    I love 💕 planting new wildflowers each year and having a totally new look!

  • By Kay wolters - Reply


  • By Sue Gilmore - Reply

    Daffodils–I have hundreds of them. I am in love with all kinds! And I love planting all kinds of veggies! I love watching the miracle of life coming up from peas, beans, greens, so many more!

  • By Maggie Parkington - Reply

    Iris, Lillie’s, and shrubs and coneflowers for the birds

  • By Lani Thompson - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is hostas. There are so many kinds and colors.

  • By Sue - Reply

    Love planting petunias! 🌷

  • By Libi Smith - Reply


  • By Grace Hayes - Reply

    💜🌸🌈🧚🏼‍♀️🦋 Here In Oregon I live amongst Great White Oak And Firs 🌲 I love Flowers for beauty and colors and planters easy maintenance. I can see how this belt is designed for the many different jobs of the GArDEnOr 🌻🌞💦💜

  • By Genny - Reply

    Tomatoes! 🙂

  • By Susan - Reply


  • By Carol Jones - Reply

    I just love to plant, and grow. Herbs and medicinal plants are my forte

  • By Elaine Stoltzfus - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is flowers, colorful flowers.

  • By Lucretia Chitwood - Reply

    I love Day Lilies. They come up every year and they get you ready for summer. So easy to take care of. I plant them in all colors. I would love to win the tool belt because I need that entire collection of tools. Every time I need a tool I have to go back to the garage to locate one. This would be wonderful. Thanks

  • By Anne Christy-McNeill - Reply

    Morning Glorys!! My greeting to my pups every morning!

  • By Carla DeBurger - Reply

    I love to plant every native-seeds to trees!🌹🌻🌸🎋🌲🌳🌺💐🌼

  • By Becky - Reply

    Learning to love shade plants for my new house!

  • By Lin Grado - Reply

    I love to plant any bulb, from narcissus to crinum to lycoris!

  • By Loretta - Reply

    Any flowering plant / tree – and I love to experiment to figure which Annuals will turn into Perennials in my region/zone !

  • By Samdy - Reply

    Plumeria’s succulents and cactus!

  • By Joan H. - Reply

    Herbs and heirlooms are at the top of my favorites list!

  • By Melissa Martin - Reply

    love to plant anything that blooms color, lots of color!

  • By Nancy Stafford - Reply

    Love watching my fall garlic emerge in the spring.Happy planting everyone.

  • By Shelia Berry - Reply

    Love planting tomatoes!

  • By BJ Ferland - Reply

    Geraniums! I love the flower and the fragrance of the foliage.

  • By Cindy - Reply


  • By Shannon Ditz - Reply


    We love kale for it’s super nutrients and how easy it is to grow. My son loves kale chips and I have to make two batches or we don’t get any.

  • By Vickii yeats - Reply

    Tomatoes have to be my favorite, I can taste the wonderful flavor of a freshly picked garden tomato when I plant it in the ground! Can not wait .

  • By Donna Caisse - Reply

    I love to plant lots of flowers! I love astilbe for its delicate nature, it brightens a shade garden, and for use in floral design.

  • By Sue - Reply

    Texas natives

  • By Peggy Sutter - Reply

    I love all plants, but especially Perennials popping back up in the spring!

  • By Anita - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is my window boxes. I have 5.

  • By Lori Clarke - Reply

    Anything indigenous to my part of the state!

  • By Cassey - Reply

    I love to plant vegetables, peas in particular are one of my favorites as they spell the end of winter!

  • By Mary Schmid - Reply

    my all time favorite is the bearded iris, I’ve got some in my garden that have come down from my Great Grandmother who was known for her flower gardens especially her irises. I love them.

  • By Sheila Vittitow - Reply

    I love to plant tomatoes

  • By Judi parr - Reply

    Bee balm, brings the gunners and the butterflies!

  • By Tessi M Lindley - Reply

    EVERYTHING! I make a point of growing milkweed for the monarchs and many varieties of flowers that help bees and hummingbirds as well!

  • By Patrica - Reply

    Love peonies and tulips

  • By Patricia Puetz - Reply

    Peonies and tulips.

  • By Barb Wood - Reply

    I love Columbine! When ever I travel and I see a library that has seed exchange I go in to see if they have any. I also have seeds with me at all times to exchange with. A lot of library are doing exchanges, so look into it. Sure could use the belt then I won’t lose so many tools.

  • By Beth Sedacca - Reply


  • By Susan German - Reply

    Kisses and pollinator-attrating flowers.

  • By Beth Rowley - Reply

    Hydrangea of every kind

  • By Jan Nutter - Reply

    I like to plant perennial flowers. I like salvia greggi, Turks cap
    Also, hydrangea.

  • By Sherri Lockwitch - Reply

    Anything and everything!

  • By Sue Johncock - Reply

    Catnip! My 7 kitties love it!

  • By Mary - Reply

    Green beans, tomatoes, and herbs

  • By Holly Denning - Reply

    My favorite is tomatoes…just love everything in my vegetable garden!

  • By Holly Denning - Reply

    My favorite is tomatoes….just love everything from my vegetable garden!

  • By Errin Wilker - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is flowers of any kind!

  • By Kathy Lee - Reply

    I love to plant seeds and bulbs of flowers and vegetables. I just love to plant and watch my garden grow!

  • By Kathy G. - Reply


  • By Marilyn Brinkley - Reply

    Vegetables, specifically tomatoes 🍅

  • By Traci Wilcox - Reply


  • By Linda - Reply

    I love to plant sunflowers! 🌻

  • By Cory - Reply

    Lavender and tomatoes.

  • By Lisa Brown - Reply

    Favorite thing to plant?… Plants!

  • By Annette Whistler - Reply

    Anything that can be grown. Love planting and seeing the outcome!

  • By Rochelle Schaffrath - Reply

    I love to plant seeds…whether flowers or vegetables. Watching the seed grow into a beautiful flower or vegetable I can eat is astounding.

  • By Cheryll Findlay - Reply

    Bulbs! Almost no fail and early colour in the garden. I’ve spent a fortune on Lily bulbs over the years. (Don’t tell my kids!)

  • By Donna de Jong - Reply

    I love herbs and my purple wave petunias.

  • By Yvonne Miller - Reply

    I love to plant all the orphan plants on the Wal Mart clearance rack. Giving them a second change is my good deed every time I can afford to.

  • By Barbara White - Reply

    I live to plant butterfly bushes. That way I get to see a lot of hummingbirds as well as my butterflies.

  • By Tara Trogler - Reply


  • By Sue Oldridge - Reply

    I love to plant heirloom tomatoes to eat and d

  • By Sue Oldridge - Reply

    I love to plant heirloom tomatoes. So good with organic herbs!

  • By Sylvia Forsen - Reply

    Love to plant zinnias and poopies

  • By Karen H - Reply

    I love to plant EVERYTHING, but especially patio pots to brighten up my outdoor living space.

  • By Melissa Clifton - Reply

    I love planting seeds, because some can be challenging, and I feel blessed when they flourish. I also love planting annuals to fill the gaps in my perennial beds.

  • By Gail - Reply

    An English garden

  • By Amy Thackeray - Reply


  • By Kristi Barnes - Reply

    I love planting vegetables! All and any kind

  • By Kathleen Elizabeth McIntyre - Reply

    I can’t help myself, I love to plant EVERYTHING. Even when I hike, I have supplies with me to get antique bulbs and shrubs from old, old homesteads, when there are plenty🌺🥀⚘🌻🌼🌾🌴

  • By Sarah Thatcher - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant would be Hostas… because no matter how many you have or how many times you separate them they always grow big and beautiful!

  • By Peggy Lemos - Reply

    Seeds. 😀

  • By Holly Battiste - Reply

    I just love roses! Cabbage roses and David Austen roses ar my favorites. I even have some wild roses.

  • By Nancy Elias - Reply

    I love to plant medicinals. I have a few shade gardens also.

  • By Kim Eldred - Reply

    Any and all flowers, especially flowers with a scent. 🌻🌼🌸💐🌷🌹🥀🌺

  • By MJ Wright - Reply

    I love to plant anything that allows me to get my hands in the dirt, without gloves, of course.

  • By Cindy Parrish - Reply

    I love to plant a variety. I love several different colors together.

  • By Katherine Buchanan - Reply

    I’ll plant anything if I think I can keep it alive! Right now my basil is looking pretty peaked!

  • By Moriah - Reply

    I love to plant any kinds of flowers, veggies, or fruits!

  • By Beth Honea - Reply

    I enjoy planting roses

  • By Sharon Cox - Reply

    I love to plant bulbs! <3

  • By Deann Murphy - Reply

    I love to plant shade plants, mostly Hosta, I look for a different variety every year. I just discovered Two Ladies and a Hoe and love it. This tool belt looks awesome!

  • By Jane - Reply

    Flowers flowers flowers

  • By Gabriele - Reply

    Cucumbers. Love to watch them grow and harvest at the perfect time. Delicious!

  • By Anissa - Reply

    Basil, sunflowers, and day lillies

  • By Karen Parker - Reply

    Every kind of flower!

  • By Laura - Reply

    My favorite thing to plant is roses. Thank you for the contest.

  • By Janet Ivins - Reply

    I love planting just about anything….veggies, fruits, and flowers!

  • By Sue - Reply

    Tomatoes 🍅

  • By Melissa - Reply

    I love to plant perennials that are great for cut flowers!

  • By Debbie Wells - Reply

    Gerbera Daisies are a real favorite of mine. The foliage really grows and the daisies are so beautiful. I especially like it when they return year after year.

  • By Jessica Woodworth - Reply

    I love planting everything! Especially new annuals and veggies every year. I never know exactly how my yard will really turn out from year to year because I always try adding something new!

  • By Michelle Blume - Reply

    Hosta and Ferns.

  • By Here Smith - Reply

    Daffodils. I have planted over thousand on our property and will continue each year. They just make me smile in the spring

  • By Leigh Liotta - Reply

    Not sure where I put info to win the amazing garden belt!

  • By Pajo Brooks - Reply

    I love Shasta Daisies…. <3

  • By Jacqueline Meads - Reply


  • By Betty Truax - Reply

    I love planting share plants! They’re free and always remind me of whoever gave them to me.

  • By Betty Burgess - Reply

    Beautiful container. I like planting tomatoes the best. Because there isn’t any trouble with them. And my sister and my daughter do the same. Also afterwards you can smell like tomatoes! Looks like a great day for it.

  • By Sarah DELA Cruz - Reply

    Sun Flowers and basil

  • By Kristal - Reply

    Perennial flowers. I am currently exited to see my poppies bloom!

  • By Joyce Hood - Reply

    I adore agave! I know I’m weird. 😄

  • By Nicky Maddams - Reply

    Plants I’ve been given by friends. Then every time I see them and tend to the plants, I think about them. My friends are all over my property now!

  • By Kathy Garrity - Reply

    I love to garden. It does not matter what I plant because I love it all!

  • By Mary D’Entremont - Reply

    A salad garden!

  • By Lisa - Reply

    Herbs, flowers, veggies… love to plant all!!

  • By Elizabeth Harrel - Reply

    I love to plant Columbines! You plant one and never have to again!

  • By Lisa Baroni - Reply


  • By Laurie Garza - Reply

    I love to plant flowers! Lots and lots of flowers for cutting!

  • By Amy - Reply


  • By Myrna pyle - Reply

    I love to plant all kinds of different flowers. Nowdays, I have to do much smaller projects as age has curtailed my abilities. My favorite this year is a succulent array in a mexican style old piece of pottery. Trying a tomato plant in large pot for the furst time.

  • By Sandy Guthrie - Reply

    My favorite flower to plant has to be Lilies!!! Such a beautiful flower, only wish it lasted longer!!

  • By Judy Wargo - Reply

    Love Dinner Plate Dahlias and Roses🌼🌸🌺🌹🌷🌹🌷

  • By Nancy - Reply

    Sweet peas!

  • By Darlene Gambrell - Reply

    I love this. I never have enough pockets, even in overalls.

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